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You Can't Lose Weight Alone

by Dr. Adam Shafran & Lee Kantor

You Can't Lose Weight Alone, by Dr. Adam Shafran & Lee KantorSorry, but it’s true. Most people just can’t lose weight on their own. For every fitness fanatic who actually likes to eat healthy like me, there are a hundred women and men like the Fat Guy who struggle with their weight every day.

Back in the day, the only weight loss program I saw consistently work was personal training. Personal training works because you have someone watching your back making sure you get back on track after a setback. This prevents one bad day from quickly turning into a bad week which, without a trainer, would mean another failed weight loss attempt.

The only problem with personal training is that it’s way too expensive for most people. Even the Fat Guy.

That’s why we published You Can't Lose Weight Alone. We wanted everyone to be able to benefit from having their own personal trainer-like experience. 

The Partner Power Weight Loss Program is based on four principles. The first two are eating right and exercising. The last two are having a support system and someone to keep you accountable.

Eating Right: Eating right does not mean dieting. It means slowly modifying your current eating habits to healthier ones as well as eating smaller portions.

Exercise: We cannot emphasize the benefits of both cardiovascular exercise and strength training enough. Use a Heart Rate Monitor. Start Slowly. Break Up Exercise Into Chunks.

Support System: In order to have long-term success you must have a support system in place. Our online program makes sure you stay on track when you slip.

Accountability: You have to work towards a written goal. Remember, a goal that is not set is a goal that is not met. Putting things in writing and tracking your progress helps keep you on track.

Diet and exercise alone just doesn’t work for most people because they can’t stick with them for very long. We've found the support and accountability our Partner Power Weight Loss Program provides is a big reason our members lose weight and keep it off!

“Dr. Fitness and the Fat Guy bring a refreshing twist to health and fitness radio. These guys are funny—you will laugh out loud listening to them, but they really know their stuff as well. I enjoyed being a guest on the show and look forward to returning.”
Carrie Rezabek

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